Temperature Controlled & Non-Climate Controlled Storage in Tuscaloosa, AL

Non-Climate Controlled Storage Units

If you are storing items that are not sensitive to temperature and humidity, Bama Mini Storage offers non-climate controlled storage units in various sizes.

Temperature & Humidity Controlled Storage Units

Bama Mini Storage offers the best humidity and temperature controlled storage units in the Tuscaloosa area. This type of unit prevents moisture and mildew formation with your valuable personal items. Our humidity controlled storage units have separate dehumidification systems, independently controlled from the heating and air conditioning systems. Our humidity and temperature controlled storage units are set to maintain comfortable temperatures and a 55% relative humidity, which is considered perfect for long term preservation and storage of valuable items.
Although most storage facilities claim to have temperature controlled units, most of these facilities are not equipped with the humidity control that Bama Mini Storage has to offer. Protect your furniture, wooden items, electronics, books, and more with humidity and temperature controlled storage units at Bama Mini Storage.

Do I need Temperature Controlled storage?

Tuscaloosa residents often opt for temperature and humidity controlled storage for items that are more sensitive to the elements. To protect your belongings in a long term situation, it is recommended to rent a temperature controlled storage unit.

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